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Braiding is among the most popular American girl outlet. Braids are extremely simple to maintain. However, you’ll want to create this design with extreme care and patience. Most celebrities including Johnny Depp, Alicia Keys and David Beckham are attached to these hairdos. It’s not common to see displays of ValentineContinue Reading

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American girl doll coupons are getting to be just about the most popular and most-asked for toys of women between the ages of 6-10 years of age. Every girl features a different idea of what kind of doll they would like, often depending on what their ethnic or cultural backgroundContinue Reading

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The new American girl doll store “Doll from the Year” Lanie Holland has developed into a cultural phenomenon, cultural in the sense that doll is being marketed to American girls and American doll collectors alike. According on the Chicago Sun-Times, a web based paper that published an article precisely onContinue Reading